Yesterday I ran by luke kurtis‘ apartment in the West Village to pick up the proof of The Animal Book. He and I have been working on the book together for quite some time. Well, he has been doing the working part and I have been doing the “OHHH LAAAA LAAAAA IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL” part. It’s here. It’s done. Praise be to whomever you choose to praise, if anyone. Aside from one or two more adjustments, this mofo is DONE!

Holding this thing in my hands is a magical experience for a couple of reasons. First, this is a remarkable documentation of my work for the past few years. I started my residency at Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary in the Fall of 2015. Absolutely clueless about what I was going to do. That time became a show, which became a tour, which became a new version of the show, all of which changed me into a different kind of artist, and different kind of activist, and a different kind of human. All of that is held here in this book.

Seeing my work presented through the eyes of another artist, especially one I so thoroughly respect like luke, well, that’s another thing to be mind blown by. I have known luke for many, many years, and from the get-go, we wanted to collaborate on art, but it took me a long time to catch up to speed with his confidence and fearlessness about creating. It’s an honor to be working with him now, and I am so proud to be published again by

Next up: I finish mixing The Animal Album and send it off to be mastered. The first single, “Home Again” is released June 25th with an absolutely stunning video by Lauren Maul. Of course, if you are in NYC, please make a point of coming to the Book/Album release show and party at Judson Memorial Church. Tickets available here!

Finally, it would be remiss if I failed to mention my exquisite Patreon community. The 139 people who currently make up that community are the heart of this work, and truly this long term project would not have been able to happen without the love, energy, and finacial support of these generous souls. A major nod to A Well Fed World for their massive support with this project, in all of its phases, as well.

Thank you all!

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