It certainly has been a long time since I’ve written on this blog, hasn’t it? It’s not that I’m not writing or sharing. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have been getting plenty of attention — not to mention my Drip subscription page where I have been posting pretty frequent updates and works in progress. I would love to have more people over there in that community and it’s a mere $5 per month. I’m working on a cool project I’m going to be sharing with those folks and that $5 goes much further in support of my work than you might realize.

In the past few months since my last update here, I’ve run some races, scored some short films, and most importantly, shared some live works-in-progress from The Animal Show. The big show will be going up in October, but I did a public reading of the material I’ve written so far. I was pretty freaked out leading up to it. Lots of the pieces were unfinished and raw and really just so disconnected.

But I worked hard, especially that last couple of weeks, and things came together in a very imperfect way. I was kicking myself for scheduling that thing, but now I am so glad I did it. It was such a good exercise to have to force these bits together, perform them, and see how it all worked with an audience.

It all happened on the stage at Judson Memorial Church with an audience of about 40 people…

You know, I have to stop right here. What the ever-loving f?? Look at that guy in the picture up there. That’s me! Performing a work in progress from my second solo show in New York City. I swear, I walk around and when I tell people about these projects, I feel like I am just telling the plot of a story I read. It doesn’t seem real. For the longest time I was way too scared to put myself out like that, and truthfully: I still am. I just keep making these deadlines that I can’t get out of and then i just do it, I guess.

Anyway, the reading was great and I feel very inspired to move forward and shape this piece and get it ready for its Dixon Place debut. All the info for this show (and some other cool stuff I have coming up) can be found here. Thanks for reading this and thanks for supporting my work. There’s some really cool stuff happening and I will be better about writing here to let you know.

Thank you.

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