just got home from running another Ragnar Relay race with my beloved Strong Hearts Vegan Power running team. I had a great time and will share a video on my YouTube channel about the weekend ASAP, but while I was out there I realized I haven’t properly explained what the hell is going on with me this summer and my tour. The short story is that I am doing a Summer tour of my solo theater piece, The Animal Show, but there will be a bunch more going on.

Let me explain:

Sanctuary Mini-Residences:

Between performances, I will be conducting mini-residencies at Animal Sanctuaries. I’ll stay for about a week at each location and, of course, volunteer at the sanctuary in whatever way they can use me. Additionally, I will create short videos with music and images inspired by the sanctuary and its residents. Finally, I will podcast an interview with the founders and/or staff at each location. Each video and podcast will be uploaded to archive.org, preserving the history of these places (and my journey) for as long as the internet exists.  I am still finalizing these locations, so watch this space for updates. These are the confirmed residencies:

Speaking Events:

I approached the Vegan Society of P.E.A.C.E. to put up a vegan info table at my show in Houston. They kindly agreed and then invited me to speak at their monthly Second Saturdays – thus inspiring me to put together a talk about how I combine Arts and Activism. I am really excited about the potential to inspire others to infuse their advocacy with creativity. I’ll be giving these talks for Northewest VEG in Portland and at the Berkeley Animal Rights Center, CA. Check my tour schedule for these dates as they are updated and please let me know if you’d like me to speak in your city!

Performing The Animal Show:

This one explains itself, I think! I’ll be performing my multi-media solo show, The Animal Show, in Houston, Los Angeles, Berkeley, and Portland. All the dates are on my calendar here.


I am so grateful to A Well Fed World for funding this project. Those funds enabled me to upgrade my video equipment and will cover my car rental for the trip! There are many more expenses for this trip, including venue rentals, box office and tech staff, musicians, gas, additional housing… the list goes on.

The average cost of putting up my show is about $1200, depending on the cost of the venue. If you’d like to help support this project, you can subscribe to my Patreon page for as little as $1 a month, or make a one time tax-deductable donation here. If you’d like to sponsor a show in one of these cities, let me know and we can discuss making that happen!

Beyond that, if you live in one of the cities I am visiting, or have friends there please share share share and share this information with them! Unfortunately, this tour is so expensive, I won’t have the funds to hire a publicist, so I can really use your help in this way too!

Thanks for reading, and please do spread the word!


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