Michael Harren, Kiirstin Marilyn, Jay Light, Lauren Maul, and aimee iris brown

Last night was the second in my new regular series of shows at Judson Memorial Church, The Benevolent People’s Hour of Story and Song. It was an absolute blast! I am doing these shows quarterly now, in the very spot where I did my first performance of my solo work. It’s an absolute gift to get to perform in that space regularly now.

Lauren Maul, Jay Light, aimee iris brown, and Kiirstin Marilyn were my guests who featured everything from hop-hop and house music to impressionistic ballads to minimalist film and just about every stop in between.

As always, 100% of the proceeds of the show went right back to Judson Arts in support of everything they do to create space and opportunity for artists like me to do what we love.

Last night, though, was the first night to offer free food at the event. I wanted to keep with the spirit of the other Judson Art’s Wednesdays events and make food available for people who might not always have easy access to it, and my community showed up like you would not believe. Tere Fox of Rockin’ Raw and Jam Cakery NYC provided a huge batch of vegan mac and cheese, my pal Jimie Gibbon brought his now signature sushi, and Jessica Pisano rounded out the food table with her delicious muffins and apple crisp. The three of them cheerfully staffed the food table along with Judson’s Micah Bucey and Michelle Thompson.

I am just thrilled with the way this event feeling more and more like a community gathering each time, and I can’t wait for the next one on December 11th!

I need to say a special super duper thanks to my subscribers on Patreon who really do enable me to do this regular show. I really cut my expenses for this show as compared to the last one, but it still requires me to miss a day of teaching and the transport back and forth to the venue with all of my music gear is expensive. The funds from Patreon go directly to covering those costs, and it just blows my mind the way this circle of service works: patrons subscibe to my work which allows me to do these shows which then goes on to benefit Judson Church and even feeds a few people. Beautiful. If you want to learn more about that, check it out here.

Thank you everyone who was there and thank you everyone who is reading this and thank you thank you thank you all!!

Photo: Nolan Doran who kindly handled the livestream of the show last night for patrons. Thanks Nolan!!

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