No Permission Needed workshop at Moogfest

I just finished up 4 days of running an electronic music workshop at Moogfest  with my friend Eban Crawford  AKA Senator Jaiz. We took groups of people through the process of creating an 8 to 16 bar piece of music in Ableton Live digital recording software. I captured TONS of footage with my new camera which I will be editing into vlogs this week. I’m really having a blast getting into shooting videos and photos, and looking forward to developing these skills (over the next month omg) to document my tour this summer.

I saw some brilliant live musicians like legendary electronic music icon, Suzanne Ciani, Stranger Things composers S U R V I V E, and Animal Collective. My major fan boy moments happened around meeting the Product Owner for my beloved Ableton Live software, chatting with Gotye,  and walking by Dave Smith.

I’ll be hitting the ground running when I get back to NYC tomorrow, podcasts to catch up on, videos to edit, and a freaking TOUR TO GET READY FOR!!

More to come this week!

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