I recorded this cover of Craig Armstrong’s “Wake Up In New York” back in April of 2019 and somehow never managed to get it edited. It was a little bit of a challenge to myself to improvise on the piano and sing this simple, yet highly emotional song. It’s got some things I love and, honestly, some things I don’t. I’m really interested in working and learning as I do things, and this means letting them be imperfect and sharing them anyway. All in all, I’m really proud of this!

I’d like to keep making these “live” feeling videos of cover songs for just piano and vocal. I filmed it with my Canon 80D, and the keyboard shots were done with my iPhone. I just set them both up on tripods and went for it. The studio is Benny’s Wash and Dry here in Brooklyn, which is where I recorded both Tentative Armor and The Animal Album.

So, I hope you enjoy watching this thing, and while you’re over there in YouTube land I’d love if you would subscribe to my channel and click the like button on the video. I’m already working on another video to release next week and I would love for you to see it too.

Thank you for checking it out. Here’s the video:

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