I am excited to report that I’m part of a newly formed collective of artists called plus heart star. We are a group of like minded (while diverse in performance styles) artists based in Brooklyn who are working together to create a shit-ton of awesome. We have a bunch of cool stuff just on the verge of being made public, but for now keep an eye on our website and the #plusheartstar hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

In other news, I’m plotting my next move with my show and working on a single, too, along with my usual assortment of collaborations. I’ll keep you posted!

Don’t forget, I am posting one video a week from my show. Last week I posted “Mango” and this week it’ll be the G rated version of “When It Will Bloom.” I’m afraid I’ll get booted off of YouTube if I post the whole thing! Subscribe to this blog and my YouTube channel so you’ll be sure to see the new vids as soon as they appear.

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