I am so excited to announce another special zine I am creating with my pal luke kurtis at bd-studios.com! To thank my patrons, we have created a zine featuring a an original story about the very first time I experienced listening to music with headphones, and the evolution of the relationship through the years.

All subscribers at $10 and up will get a hand bound, signed,  and numbered limited edition copy of the zine. Not only that, but each copy will contain a link to download an audio version of the piece along with brand new original music. Oh, and patrons at the $5+ level will get access to download a digital copy of the zine and the new music! Click here to subscribe!

If you want a physical copy of the zine and you are not already a $10+ member, do not fear! This benefit is available for the two weeks, so if you join now, you’ll get a copy and you’ll be subscribed to this now quarterly publication! Click here to subscribe!

Thanks for your continued belief in my work, and your role in co-creating with me. I am so grateful for you and the energy you bring to my work!

Love, Michael

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