luke kurtis took this photo during tech at Dixon Place.

luke kurtis took this photo during tech at Dixon Place.

I had a blast at the Tentative Armor Album and Book Release show last Tuesday at Dixon Place. It was amazing. The process of producing the album and book and then coordinating everything for the show was too much. I don’t know if I have ever felt so overwhelmed.  I kept joking with people that I was dealing with it by taking lots of naps. But I wasn’t joking, really. I thought maybe I was depressed, but really.  It was just so much. So many naps. So much panic.

Anyway, I made it. I finished writing the piece I used to open the show with my string players the morning of the show. I also got everything running on my laptop that morning as well. I cut it all so close, but by the time the show was about to start I just dove in and had fun. Thank you all for being there, and thanks to the bevy of people who helped out throughout this whole process.

"When It Will Bloom" photo by Melissa Hsiung

“When It Will Bloom” photo by Melissa Hsiung

I especially want to thank luke kurtis. It was his idea to make the Tentative Armor book (buy it in my online shop, Amazon or iTunes) which inspired me to go ahead with the album. I couldn’t imagine what an album based on my show would be like, considering the various types of music in the show. Having an accompanying book, really pulled the whole idea together. luke’s video installation for the release show brought a particular magic to the show, I don’t think I could have achieved otherwise.

A kickstarter update: I will have download codes for you all soon, those who are entitled to a download of the iBook that is. I am currently waiting for the t-shirts, truth be told, I just ordered them today. I apologized for that delay before, and here it is again. I went over my budget for the project, so this last bit had to wait until I had the cash on hand. I hope you all understand. I hope to send out everyones rewards (books, CDs and t-shirts) in the next couple of weeks.

So, there we go. It’s all made, this first biggest project ever made…by me. It’s so nice to have this under my belt. Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible.

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