Thank you for purchasing, finding, or otherwise acquiring my zine, Tigger!  This is the third in an ongoing series of these zines. It’s an absolute thrill to low-key publish in this way!

I wanted to write about my sweet cat Tigger for a few reasons, but mostly because he came to my life at a time when I was dealing with a tremendous amount of grief which inspired openness and a desire to live my life with more vulnerability. Tigger paved the way for me to start relying more on others, and allowing them to rely on me. I just love this guy.

The zine you are holding in your hand was designed by luke kurtis, a dear friend and frequent collaborator. Most notably he inspired and designed my books The Animal Book and Tentative Armorand my previous zines, Glorious, and About A Bed.  So much of my work now is about these publications, and it was luke who inspired me in this way. The Tigger zines were hand folded and bound with needle and thread by me in a limited edition of 35. Each one was signed, numbered, and made available to my Patreon community for a limited time. It’s a really beautiful feeling to create these objects by hand and send them out into the world to people who so fully believe in my work.

The track is a simple piano piece. I am really drawn to simply constructed pieces like this and I composed it in a few hours in my studio in Brooklyn. Short, sweet, and somehow nostalgic. I feel really proud of it.

Thanks for checking this out and for taking the time to find this page. You can download the track and the zine in various formats using the links below.


Tigger (pdf)
Tigger (epub)
Tigger (mp3)
Tigger (wav)

(you should be able to right-click and save these. Let me know if you have any trouble!)

p.s. This page is hidden on my site and from search engines. It’s only meant to be seen by those who have the zine. Please help me keep this page secret. <3