Packing Party (lite)

I really felt like I was cheating by not packing everything up, but I did thoroughly clear out some junk.

I started in the bathroom. My apartment is small so I don’t have room for a dresser. All of my clothes that aren’t hung up, I keep in this linen cabinet. Here’s what it looked like before I got rid of some stuff:

Cabinet Before

and after:

Cabinet After

This is a bit deceiving, however, because I just dropped off a bunch of clothes at the laundry. Here’s the closetCloset Before before:

…and after:

Closet After I’ll see how all of this feels after I add back the clothes that are at the laundry. I have a huge black garbage bag with clothes to donate tomorrow.

I also tackled this junk drawer:

Drawer Before

now it looks like this:

Drawer After

As a point of reference, here’s a photo of everything I owned when I left Houston just over 7 years ago. How quickly stuff accumulates!


It feels like I put a big dent in things today, as well as another big batch of paper scanning. More sheet music OUT THE DOOR! More tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “21 Days of Minimalism: Day 3

  1. Shawn

    I applaud you for taking on this challenge. I’m always looking at ways to minimize and/or get rid of things. Sometimes, I make some good progress. Not all that long ago, I cleared out my own junk drawer. So. Many. Pencils. Where did they all come from? A bunch of pens, too. I actually donated the pens (along with some other things) to the local homeless shelter.

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  3. Bren Murphy

    Cool intro for many of us starting out on the minimal #zerowaste journey. The before and after images are really powerful. Letting go is the way to go, right?
    Thank you

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