I’ll admit I waited until this morning to do yesterday’s task: writing on a calendar each of the days of the journey. I’ll be out of town on October 17 and 18 so I took those days off from the challenge. There are quite a few days of “unpacking” scheduled, and since I’ve decided not to  physically pack things up. I will use each of those days (I think) to focus on one of several areas in my apartment I feel there is “stuff build up.” My closet, my medicine cabinet, the cabinets under my kitchen sink, and the “junk drawer” in my kitchen.

I feel a little like a cheater since I am not doing an actual packing day today, but given my small space and the fact that I have so little stuff, I think it makes more sense to approach it this way. I plan to be extremely aggressive in choosing what I get rid of.

A couple of weeks ago, I listed a bunch of CDs and DVDs on Amazon, and they have been slowly selling. I may choose to just give some of these away, since I am not making much money off of the sales and it seems a very slow way to get rid of this stuff. I have a couple of collectible box sets that I may hang on to, but…well… We’ll see.

In paperless world, I spent another 45 minutes or so scanning yesterday. I’m feeling overwhelmed by how much music I still have left to scan, but I am encouraged with how nice it looks in my Dropbox folder. I am really excited to be rid of all these binders and stacks of music. I am debating whether to store all of this music in Evernote as well as Dropbox, but I think my naming system for the music is pretty clear, I can’t imagine needing to take advantage of Evernote’s search functions.

So today is “Packing Day.” I will use it to set up a concrete plan for how I’ll handle each of the upcoming “Unpacking” days and to make a big dent in the clothes I no longer wear.


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