The best part of this process so far is that I am constantly thinking about writing music. I wrote some lyrics on the subway yesterday and came up with some ideas about my second song for the RPM album. The title is “Serpentine.” I toyed around with some musical ideas for it, and have a start, but when I opened up Cubase to start sequencing some music I ran into a snag.

There are a handful of applications that facilitate communication between my keyboard and the music production software on my computer. One of them, the editor, actually keeps my keyboard in sync precisely with the computer, so, if I change one of the sounds on my keybaord, it gets changed in Cubase, and vice versa. Yesterday, Mr Editor was NOT playing along as directed so I spent alot of time reviewing settings, and making sure I had everything set properly. I did. Boo.

Luckily, there is a dedicated website for users of the Yamaha S90XS with a forum that is frequented by a particularly brilliant tech guy for Yamaha. I posted my problem and expect to have a solution sometime today. Thank God for the internet. Until then, I am going to work of my orchestration for When It Will Bloom.

Technical issues like these frustrate me a great deal, but as much as I want to be a more prolific composer and songwriter, I want to be more proficient at how all this stuff works as well. When my new audio interface arrives I’m going to have a whole new batch of problems learning opportunities.