Summer Playlist 2018

It’s no surprise that I am a huge music fan. In high school I used to sneak off campus to spend my lunch money on 7″ singles at the local record store, and my Sundays were kept absolutely sacred so that I could listen to all three hours of American Top 40 from beginning to end. I had a huge stack of notebooks in which I carefully kept track of each song in the top 40, its position in the previous week’s chart, and how far it had climbed or fallen that week. Continue reading →

The Animal Book and Album Available Now!

I am so incredibly excited to share that The Animal Album and The Animal Book are available NOW! There are lots of places you can find both of these things so here’s a handy dandy link to find the album, and a handy dandy link to find the book. I am happy for you to purchase, stream, or order the physical book from any of these places, but especially grateful if you order from my Bandcamp page where you get a free album download with book purchase and I can even sign your book if you like! Continue reading →

Home Again – New Single Hits the Digital Shelves!

Michael Harren - Home Again

I am so excited to announce that my new single, “Home Again,” has been released out into the world! The track is from my forthcoming album, The Animal Album, and is a dedication to my dog, Corky. She was my friend when I was an adolescent, a gay kid feeling lonely and scared about where I would fit in 1980’s Houston, TX. I still love her so much, and she saw me through such a difficult time.  Continue reading →

The Animal Book Exists in the Physical Realm!

Yesterday I ran by luke kurtis‘ apartment in the West Village to pick up the proof of The Animal Book. He and I have been working on the book together for quite some time. Well, he has been doing the working part and I have been doing the “OHHH LAAAA LAAAAA IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL” part. It’s here. It’s done. Praise be to whomever you choose to praise, if anyone. Aside from one or two more adjustments, this mofo is DONE! Continue reading →