Last week I launched a new subscription service on a website called Drip. I’ve been a member of Christopher Willits’ Drip for about a year now, but for most of that time I didn’t see any indication that they were opening up the service to new artists so I assumed it was a closely curated crew of bad-asses (Ghostly International, Michael Cena, and Domino Recording Co. to name a few). A couple of months ago, though, I noticed a little blue “start a drip” button at the bottom of the page. I clicked it, applied, and they said “come on over.” I did. It’s still a pretty small group of artists and record labels who are represented there, so I am especially honored they brought me on board.

So what is it?

Drip facilitates a closer, more direct exchange between artists and the people who want to support them. In my case, my drip is $5/month which gives subscribers access to download three releases from my back catalog, and a new credit each month to download more past releases. Anything new I release is immediately available to current subscribers. Additionally, I’ll be posting new drips at least once a week. It could be saucy stories from my show that are too NSFW for the general population, works in progress from my residency at Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary, or maybe some physical object sent through the mail. I’m really excited about what this means to me as an artist. Drip gives me a built in sense of accountability for creating new work. As a solo artist, much of what I do is self-motivated and self-created, meaning: if I decide to take a nap every afternoon for a week instead of creating new work, no one really knows or cares except for me.  I’m excited about the idea of having a connection with an audience who is expecting to hear from me on the regular and with whom I can immediately share new ideas the moment they are created. Of course, each extra dollar that comes in for my work provides me with space and energy that I can focus on being an artist.

So, give it a whirl. If you sign up for my monthly newsletter, I’ll hook you up with a free month at Drip, which is plenty of time to download some stuff and see what it’s all about. If you want to read some more about Drip, check out this New York Times article. Oh, Drip interviewed me for their podcast. Listen to that below. Thanks for checking it all out!

Drip Podcast: Michael Harren by Drip on Mixcloud

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