I’m experimenting with different ways to document my time at Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary. I’m doing work on the show between visits, but I want to keep the residency active on my site and socials, so…. Here’s a new vlog! This was fun to do, and I’d really like to improve my video/film making skills so I am going to just put these up in a casual and experimental spirit. I’m open to feedback if you’ve got it and, of course, bring on the shares and likes!

In other, (geekier) territory, I have been experimenting a bunch with granular synthesis and I’m excited to experiment further using some field recordings I collected from the farm this week. I’ve got my eye on a really solid recorder to use for this stuff, but it’s not quite in my budget so I just busted out the iPhone and I’ll see how that kind of thing works out. I’ll be posting some works in progress using those recordings this week on my Drip page which you can access, along with a bunch of other stuff, for the low, low price of $5 a month. More about Drip here.

Thanks for being here to take in all this content I’ve been creating lately and I hope you enjoy the vlog!


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