"Go." Cover art by Brody Polinsky cleanandsobertattoo.com

“Go.” Cover art by Brody Polinsky cleanandsobertattoo.com

A bittersweet day, this.

The exciting news is that my first single is out now on Bandcamp!  I’m suggesting $1 as a price for the song if you want to pay for it, or you can just download it for free (you’ll be asked for your email address, but I promise not to give it to anyone or e-mail you incessantly). My first desire is for this song to be out in the world, so don’t let that dollar stand between you and the song. If you can pay the dollar for the song (or more if you wanna), know that doing so will help me to create more work. Recording and mastering this song cost roughly $600, it would be awesome to make that back! If you like it, share it widely. It’s on YouTube and Soundcloud now, too, so feel free to post to your heart’s desire. Next Wednesday, it will go live on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and all the rest via CDBaby, so those options are there for you too. Really. Take it and share it. Pay me if you can.

So, of course, the bitter of this bittersweet day lies in the fact that this is the one year anniversary of my mother’s death. This song is for her and she is the reason I wanted to release this song today. My mother always encouraged me to pursue my music, even in spite of my massive fear of doing so. Something about her death made me decide it was time to step out of fear and get the fuck on with it already. So, while this has been a year of great sadness and mourning, it has also been a year of tremendous creativity inspired by her memory.

Thank you.  This song is for you.

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