A couple of things happened with the beginning of the year.

1. I was invited by a group of my spiritually-minded friends to explore meditation for 90 days. Originally, we were calling it a 90-day meditation challenge, but we changed it to “exploration” to take off the pressure.

2. Digital Entrepreneur Kristin Lajeunesse (Will Travel For Vegan Food) and daily songwriter Jonathan Mann got all up in my head (independently of each other though later I discovered that they are connected and have worked together, it’s a small internet after all….) about the idea of the Fun-A-Day Project, in which participants choose one activity and commit to doing it every day for the month of January.

It wasn’t until January 2nd that I decided how I could participate. Improvising some music everyday!  At first I thought I would meditate before each improvisation, but the music has become, in many ways, the meditation. Well, has become the practice. oh. Maybe it’s both.

These is a particular place to which I can be transported when I am playing music. Often it seems out of my control to connect deeply to the expression of music. It happens or it doesn’t, but something about this practice has me existing more closely to the source of that deep, soul-like connection and I am starting to learn how to turn it on myself. This after only 16-ish improvisations. Kinda cool.

Anyway, it has been fun, sometimes frustrating because I want to get synthy at times, but “piano-y” has been insisting. You can check out the videos below, or on my YouTube page.


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