The studio fundraising is going great, so I am going to extend the time to this Friday, January 3rd. You can read all of the details here, but I wanted to add here that I have solidified the contents of the Michael Harren Swag Box.

Here’s what you get for $30.00 or more:

1. DVD containing the professionally filmed debut reading of my show, “Tentative Armor” along with the video for “Go.” in a handmade cover. I’ve only shared bits of this, so this will be some cool history as the show moves forward.This was my first solo performance and the premiere of most of this work.

2. Handwritten lyrics to “Go.” on some fancy paper. Numbered, signed and dated in case I am famous one day and they are collectible.

3. Homemade cookies!

Disclaimer: This is some DIY shit! I am putting all together by hand, so don’t expect professional packaging!

The funds will go directly to upgrading my home studio, enabling me to have an even more productive year than last.

Go here for details on how to send the bucks and I’ll get with you about sending your stuff! Thank you!

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