I’ve decided to record the song “Go” and release it as a single next month so I’m feverishly arranging a cello part so I can get my pal Leah Coloff to play for me. We’ll be recording it this Sunday at Joe McGinty’s Carousel Studios here in Brooklyn. I am SO EXCITED. My pal Brody Polinsky is designing original cover art and and and and… I’m just psyched. I may release sheet music with it too, we’ll see. Maybe a download of the live performance of the song? Who knows. Definitely the song, that’s for sure.

ATTACK.WAV are also in the studio (I play synth bass in the band) and we are getting close to releasing some new stuff too. We’ve got a show at Cake Shop on June 24th with Little, Big and Vows. It’ll be a great show and I LOVE playing with ATTACK.WAV. Come to this!

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Summer is always a good time to get some writing and other work done, so hopefully I can churn out some new material and I am looking at doing another show of original work in the Fall. I will totally keep you posted on that. Maybe I’ll even get that ol’ video blog back in action this week!

In other news: when did I forget how brilliant this is?

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