I saw Cynthia Hopkins’ This Clement World twice this week. I really, really enjoyed the show, but more than I that, it was so inspiring to see a piece of theater/performance art that helps me to find a way to name what it is I am headed toward with my work. I thought she did a brilliant job of making this piece about climate change using real and fictional characters, video, songs, music, movement, video in a theatrical context to reflect back on the audience without being too preachy. God, is there a way to write about art without sounding like a pretentious douche? Teach me it.

I often find myself trying to tell people what it is I am trying to create in such a disjointed and cautious way….maybe there’s a fear there that someone is going to say “you can’t make THAT! No one is making THAT!” Oh…here’s someone right here.

So about making things: I have done little of that, but I am out of my fear k-hole so that is good. This morning I have a cool promotional thing to do for my band ATTACK.WAV which I will share later and then going to see another brilliant solo artist Stephen Strafford perform his Methtacular!.  Did I mention I saw the great Tanuki Suit play last night. Great show.

Oh, I have an interview with Steven that I should get posted on MikeyPod today. I recorded it during my two weeks of being frozen by Artist Shame™. Sorry, Steven.

My life is good and full of inspiring people. I want to be an inspiring people too. With that in mind, my goal this week is to complete 4 sessions of writing on this final chapter of my piece. Things are shifting with the direction of the piece in a potentially major way. This makes me nervous as my first reading of the show is right at two months away. My heart just started racing. Anyway, I think these tentative titles of “Tentative Armor” or “Delicate Armor” may be going away. We’ll see.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

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