Howzaboutta update?

  • I am thinking of releasing a single. Should it be “Invocation” or “Go?” I can’t decide. I think probably “Invocation” because I can do all the work in my home studio. Oh, it’s the song that opened my show last month. I think I will save “Go” until I can afford to pay for a real studio to record actual strings. Yes.
  • I wrote some music for a webseries that I am dearly in love with, Conversations With My Ex. My piece is at the end of episode 2, but I really do recommend that you watch the whole thing. It’s so well done, and created by my good friends Adam Fitzgerald and Blake Drummond at Fifty2 & Nine Productions.
  • I wrote some music for a feature length film that is still in production. I’ll share more when I can. I would LOVE more work like this!  Are you listening, Universe?
  • I am working on a new piece called “What Enslaves Us” to be performed at The Third Annual Animal Rights Day in NYC on June 9th. More on that soon!
  • My band, ATTACK.WAV is in the process of recording. Look for a new single this summer (?)!
  • Finished recording piano tracks for a Misty Roses double A side tribute single, more will be revealed about that as info arrives!
  • Wow, that’s actually a whole bunch, isn’t it?

I think that’s all for now. Here’s the first episode of Conversations With My Ex to get you started:



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