shedding shadows

I just finished a six-week Archetypal Performance workshop with the brilliant Victoria Libertore which, along with inspiring me to experiment with some new perspectives on performance, gave me the impetus to create a new piece: “Shadowing I.” Looks like it is the second in what will be an evening length performance of live music, storytelling/memoir work and movement and who knows what else is going to show up. I am feeling super inspired and motivated to shed the dross that I keep my mind preoccupied with instead of creating new work.

I have a couple of new projects in the works with Robert Conroy of Misty Roses, we opened for Patrick Wolf at (le) poisson rouge a few weeks ago and found some cool energy together that we are going to continue to pursue. So, keep an eye out for that stuff.

I completed a demo for “When It Will Bloom” about a month ago, and never bothered to post it here. Instrumentation is piano, synth/laptop, string quartet and oboe. There is a text component that doesn’t feel quite right for recording, but I think this stands on its own pretty well. I would love to start performing these bits of things as they are completed, so if you have any ideas for venues, that would rock.

Listen to the piece here, give me some feedback and have a loverly day. πŸ™‚


I couldn’t wait. I bought a copy of Ableton Suite 8. It’s kind of mind-blowingly great and while the onboard lessons and online tutorials I’ve found are quite helpful, I have a ton to learn. I love it though, and it already feels much more intuitive that programs I have used before. I went ahead and sequenced in all of the parts for “When It WIll Bloom” and am working out the drummy/samply/loopy/glitchy stuff I have in my mind. My vision about this project is to record the whole album with live instruments (string and woodwinds, primarily with me on piano), so it’s still a little unrewarding to hear computerized version, especially of the string quartet. Somehow, sampled oboe and piano are much more tolerable. I think the strings on my keyboard are quite good, but it’s hard to play them the way a real string player would do it. I just keep reminding myself that what i am doing right now is creating demos and this isn’t the finished product.

Writing still on the musical that I don’t want to name for the theater that shall also remain nameless. The closing song started to come to me tonight and I wrote what seem to be a sort of verse or two. not perfectly happy with the lyrics, but extremely happy with these moments at the piano where I feel myself clicking in (or maybe just getting out of the way) and letting the music happen.

I have one more week of full on teaching and then free time opens up for the summer. I have a couple of pianist gigs this summer, a show for the New York Musical Theater Festival, and my friend Steven’s one man show, Methtacular! looks like it is a go, though I don’t think I can officially talk details about that either. I am also visualizing my life in which I work only as a composer/performer. Feel free to join me in this. πŸ™‚

So movement forward is happening. I am always thinking about writing music with a passion I have not felt for a long time. I love this.

In other news, this new Elan Tamara is really lovely.

Just close your eyes

I finished the bulk of writing for “When It WIll Bloom” a couple of days ago. there is a whole second layer of the piece that needs to happen now, but it was nice to look at the finale file and hear it played back and think. Done! I am waiting to accumulate the cash to buy a copy of Ableton Live. I have been working off of a basic copy of Cubase, but Ableton seems to be more along the lines of what I want from a DAW, so if I am going to dig in to really learning, I want to get in with Ableton. It looks like it will give me the “live” kind of response I seem to work best with. Anyway, once I get Ableton I’ll work on the next phase of the piece. It will be cool to get it out of my head and recorded.

“When It Will Bloom” is going to be part of a larger piece (song cycle? performance art? not sure what it will turn into) – a collection of stories, songs, music, and sound that deals with intimacy and technology…..sorty, anyway. More will be revealed. I have fragments of two other pieces: “Mango” and “Apple.” Fruity!

I have a musical in the works….well, it’s been in the works for quite some time, but it looks like there is a theater that wants to produce it. I’ll write more details later, but for now, I find myself at the piano, or reading the script and hearing those nagging little voices in the back of my head asking me who I think I am. The music for this show needs to be jazz/blues tinged – a genre that scares the hell out of me. I think somewhere I harbor a belief that only certain people can write music like that, and that I most certainly not one of them. So, more than anything right now, this part of the process looks like it is going to be about shutting those voices up and getting on with it.

In some ways I think of this writing as history for a future time in my life when there is more of my music in the world. I guess it keeps me from feeling silly here in a public way about something that no one has access to. So nice to sort out what’s going on in my mind, anyway.

May Me

Oh, this little site. Neglected so.

Continuing writing “When It Will Bloom” and a new piece, “Mango.” Visions of an evening of music, stories with piano, keyboards, laptop, strings and winds.