How To Make A Damn Decision


I gave a good amount of thought to my “musts” today. Here’s the new list:

  • I must spend money wisely
  • I must pray and meditate each day
  • I must exercise at least three times a week
  • I must eat healthy foods at every meal
  • I must be creative every day
  • I must be of service to others every day
  • I must grow as a person every day
  • I must be grateful every day
  • I must live in the moment

I noticed that some of my musts in the original list read like negative affirmations, so  things like “I must improve my diet” became “I must eat healthy foods.” I kept that spirit in mind with the others. I already have a practice of writing a gratitude list every morning, but this makes me want to think more carefully about the list each day, and do it more mindfully.

There are a couple of the future tasks like getting rid of my TV that I am already balking at. Some of those tasks may get shifted into something I find more manageable. I already know that I am going to do my own take on packing day. I don’t have a space to stack boxes, nor do I have boxes. I am thinking that day will be a massive clean out of my closet and the cabinet where I keep clothes and linens. There’s a bunch in there that can go.

Finally, I spent about 45 minutes scanning music into the computer as well as some handwritten notes I took while working on “Five Tasks Of Grief.”

This feels good.

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    1. Michael Harren

      Thanks, Celene! I am still super thrilled about you and Doug coming to my show. Thank you again for the support!

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