“Go.” out today!

"Go." Cover art by Brody Polinsky cleanandsobertattoo.com

“Go.” Cover art by Brody Polinsky cleanandsobertattoo.com

A bittersweet day, this.

The exciting news is that my first single is out now on Bandcamp!  I’m suggesting $1 as a price for the song if you want to pay for it, or you can just download it for free (you’ll be asked for your email address, but I promise not to give it to anyone or e-mail you incessantly). My first desire is for this song to be out in the world, so don’t let that dollar stand between you and the song. If you can pay the dollar for the song (or more if you wanna), know that doing so will help me to create more work. Recording and mastering this song cost roughly $600, it would be awesome to make that back! If you like it, share it widely. It’s on YouTube and Soundcloud now, too, so feel free to post to your heart’s desire. Next Wednesday, it will go live on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and all the rest via CDBaby, so those options are there for you too. Really. Take it and share it. Pay me if you can.

So, of course, the bitter of this bittersweet day lies in the fact that this is the one year anniversary of my mother’s death. This song is for her and she is the reason I wanted to release this song today. My mother always encouraged me to pursue my music, even in spite of my massive fear of doing so. Something about her death made me decide it was time to step out of fear and get the fuck on with it already. So, while this has been a year of great sadness and mourning, it has also been a year of tremendous creativity inspired by her memory.

Thank you.  This song is for you.

Cake Shop tonight, “Go.” on the 10th, and M4L Eternal

The 1914 Steinway Vertigrand I played for the "Go." session. Sheet music taped up to prevent noise from page turning.

The 1914 Steinway Vertigrand I played for the “Go.” session. Sheet music taped up to prevent noise from page turning.

“Go.” is recorded, mixed and being send off to Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound for mastering. Looks like all is well for a July 10th release date and I am so excited to be putting this thing out into the world. Joe McGinty recorded and engineered the session and, of course, the brilliant Leah Coloff played cello on the track. I sang and played piano.

This period of creation has been such a gift for me. I’ve spoken pretty openly about intense self-doubt in terms of creating and sharing creative work. This process of doing it anyway, and getting tremendous positive results… lovely. Feeling empowered and at one with the universe.

My band ATTACK.WAV has a show tonight at Cake Shop NYC. I’m looking forward to it. Say “hi” if you come. Here’s the FaceBook invite.

In tech geek news, I am thrilled with Adam Rokhsar‘s Jumpstart: Max For Live class. I posted last week’s project on my YouTube channel, and I’ll continue to do so with the remaining projects. It’s really fun digging in to the software and making new sounds with it. I am gonna love incorporating this knowledge into my future work.

That’s the update for now.


Recording “Go”

I’ve decided to record the song “Go” and release it as a single next month so I’m feverishly arranging a cello part so I can get my pal Leah Coloff to play for me. We’ll be recording it this Sunday at Joe McGinty’s Carousel Studios here in Brooklyn. I am SO EXCITED. My pal Brody Polinsky is designing original cover art and and and and… I’m just psyched. I may release sheet music with it too, we’ll see. Maybe a download of the live performance of the song? Who knows. Definitely the song, that’s for sure.

ATTACK.WAV are also in the studio (I play synth bass in the band) and we are getting close to releasing some new stuff too. We’ve got a show at Cake Shop on June 24th with Little, Big and Vows. It’ll be a great show and I LOVE playing with ATTACK.WAV. Come to this!

To the right of this post is a little box where you can sign up for my mailing list. Do it! I am going to start giving away some free stuff to mailing list subscribers and you don’t wanna miss nothing. I promise not to be spammy or share your email address. Pinky promise.

Summer is always a good time to get some writing and other work done, so hopefully I can churn out some new material and I am looking at doing another show of original work in the Fall. I will totally keep you posted on that. Maybe I’ll even get that ol’ video blog back in action this week!

In other news: when did I forget how brilliant this is?


Howzaboutta update?

  • I am thinking of releasing a single. Should it be “Invocation” or “Go?” I can’t decide. I think probably “Invocation” because I can do all the work in my home studio. Oh, it’s the song that opened my show last month. I think I will save “Go” until I can afford to pay for a real studio to record actual strings. Yes.
  • I wrote some music for a webseries that I am dearly in love with, Conversations With My Ex. My piece is at the end of episode 2, but I really do recommend that you watch the whole thing. It’s so well done, and created by my good friends Adam Fitzgerald and Blake Drummond at Fifty2 & Nine Productions.
  • I wrote some music for a feature length film that is still in production. I’ll share more when I can. I would LOVE more work like this!  Are you listening, Universe?
  • I am working on a new piece called “What Enslaves Us” to be performed at The Third Annual Animal Rights Day in NYC on June 9th. More on that soon!
  • My band, ATTACK.WAV is in the process of recording. Look for a new single this summer (?)!
  • Finished recording piano tracks for a Misty Roses double A side tribute single, more will be revealed about that as info arrives!
  • Wow, that’s actually a whole bunch, isn’t it?

I think that’s all for now. Here’s the first episode of Conversations With My Ex to get you started:





I saved this tribute to my Mom to share this week since it’s Mother’s Day. When I was writing this show, I wanted to come up with a song to end it with that put things on a lighter note, because the last section at the time was “Five Tasks of Grief.” I worked at coming up with something for a while, and then this song sort of just turned up after I sat in meditation for a while. I still struggle to be consistent with my meditation and other spiritual practices, but this was a good day.

In spite of the fact that the idea behind it is positive, I can barely get through this song without bawling, so please forgive the breaks in my voice.



I am excited to report that I’m part of a newly formed collective of artists called plus heart star. We are a group of like minded (while diverse in performance styles) artists based in Brooklyn who are working together to create a shit-ton of awesome. We have a bunch of cool stuff just on the verge of being made public, but for now keep an eye on our website and the #plusheartstar hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

In other news, I’m plotting my next move with my show and working on a single, too, along with my usual assortment of collaborations. I’ll keep you posted!

Don’t forget, I am posting one video a week from my show. Last week I posted “Mango” and this week it’ll be the G rated version of “When It Will Bloom.” I’m afraid I’ll get booted off of YouTube if I post the whole thing! Subscribe to this blog and my YouTube channel so you’ll be sure to see the new vids as soon as they appear.